sculpt your booty

from home

Start streaming the real-time workouts from any device, anywhere

All you need to do is press the play button - I'll be there to motivate and challenge you more than you would on your own!

The peach lab method

30 minutes

3 times a week

This is all you need to transform your booty.

You are guaranteed to see results within 30 days, if you consistently do the 3 weekly workouts and use enough weight/resistance.

carefully designed workouts

Each workout is carefully designed to target all your glutes muscles. You will also learn to activate and engage properly your glutes to maximize your results.

no gym equipment needed

The programs are designed to allow you to work out at home, without any gym equipment needed. All workouts can be done using items you have available at home.

about me


Hey guys! My name is Zoe, aka @zoehappyfit on social media. I’m 29 years old and my transformation picture shows that anything is possible with motivation and consistency!


When I first started my fitness journey, I had no idea that I could transform my body in that way: I grew up with magazines full of edited pictures and articles claiming that cellulite is hereditary and that it’s hardly impossible (and costly) to get rid of it.

I also struggled with useless and damaging diets after which I always gained all the weight back (if not more). I believed that I had to do hours and hours of cardio to get results, and I was overall frustrated with the lack of lasting and sustainable results.


Over the years, my approache has changed and I’ve learned which exercises actually work to sculpt your butt while also losing fat. These exercices are the ones I’m doing with you during the real-time workouts - it’s going to be challenging, but I’m here to keep you motivated!




If you want flexibility over your membership, you can choose our monthly subscription and cancel anytime.

Our best value option is the dedicated annual subscription where you will see lasting results.

We also have a 'Lite' membership where we offer a library of shorter workouts, completely free of charge.



If you are looking to lose fat while toning your glutes, we have the Lean Peach Program.

Or if you want to sculpt your booty without gaining size on your legs, our Perky Peach Program is the one for you.

Note that your membership gives you access to both at any time.




Access the workouts from any device on a schedule to suit you.

We add three unique workout videos each week and you will see incredible results with only three 30-minute sessions per week.

All workouts will use minimal equipment and can easily adapt to your fitness level.