the peach lab method

30 minutes

3 times a week

This is all you need to transform your booty.

You are guaranteed to see results within 30 days, if you consistently do the 3 weekly workouts and use enough weight/resistance.

carefully designed workouts

Each workout is carefully designed to target all your glutes muscles. You will also learn to activate and engage properly your glutes to maximize your results.

no gym equipment needed

The programs are designed to allow you to work out at home, without any gym equipment needed. All workouts can be done using items you have available at home.

lean peach

Cardio-based booty workout

Eliminate cellulite and overall body fat

Tone and lift your butt

Higher intensity, with jump-free alternatives

you get access to 2 programs

perky peach

Proper activation of your glutes muscles

Create a beautiful shape and definition

Higher and firmer butt

Low impact - easier on your joints



"Hi I cancelled my subscription when it comes to an end this week but I would like to renew when it ends as my booty has never felt and looked so good 😄"

— Samantha