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the peach lab



starting June 1st 


Transform your body the way YOU want

Reach your goal with real-time workouts

Tone your body and get in shape in 4 weeks

Stay motivated and consistent during the challenge

Join a community of other women doing the same challenge



  • 4 weeks with 5 workout videos per week

  • Real-time workout videos so all you have to do is press PLAY

  • 30 minutes MAXIMUM to fit in your schedule

  • Realistic and doable yet challenging  workouts

  • No need to spend hours in the gym, no gym equipment needed

  • Join a community of other women doing the same challenge

  • The videos will always remain accessible so you can repeat the challenge

  • Bonus content (stretching videos, recipes...)

  • Nutrition guidance


You WILL see results after just 30 days if you commit to this challenge, and I will be with you throughout the whole program to motivate you and keep you going 

Here's what you can expect during this challenge:

✓ Sculpt your booty

✓ Drop some body fat

✓ Flatten your stomach

✓ Tone your whole body

✓ Shred the stubborn fat

✓ Boost  your metabolism

✓ Learn regular training habit

✓ More energy during the day

✓ Improve  your  overall fitness

What they say about the workouts...



  • Register for the challenge here (if you have a monthly or yearly membership, the challenge is included and you will have access to it as long as your membership is active)

  • Once you've registered, you will get access to the members area. This is where you will find all the information you need to get ready, and this is where the videos will be uploaded on June 1st.

  • You can log in and access the workouts from any device

  • The videos will be unlocked every day and they will always remain accessible so you can do the workouts whenever you want

  • All you have to do is press play and follow the workouts! 

  • Every week, you will receive an email with the schedule, some tips etc.


You know that no workout program is fully effective without a healthy, appropriate diet... which is why you will have access to some guidelines and resources before the challenge starts  to help you clean your diet and maximise your results.

Here's what you'll get :

 ✓ general guidelines

✓ what foods to avoid

✓ healthy food swaps

✓ supplement guide

✓ what to eat pre and post workout

✓ one sample day of healthy eating each week

If you need help with your diet, upgrade to a yearly subscription for $59.99 and you will receive a customized meal-plan.

Make sure to subscribe before the 27th of May to ensure you will receive your meal plan before the 1st of June.

Because we're stronger together...

We have a private Facebook group that you can join, where you can ask your questions, share your sweaty selfies, help other members stay motivated too!

Because you can inspire and motivate other women on the same fitness journey as you, I will repost everyone in my stories - make sure to tag @zoehappyfit @peachlabapp and use #peachlab so I can see your posts <3

I can't wait to train with you!


Can I lose weight/fat with this program?

Absolutely! If you consistently push yourself during the workouts and make sure that your diet is healthy and appropriate, you will see amazing results  and you can expect to drop some body fat.

If you need help with your diet, upgrade to the yearly subscription to receive your customized meal plan.

What equipment do I need?

The program is designed to be doable at home with no gym equipment, so all you will need is some weights (you can use a backpack filled with books or bottles), a chair/step/sofa and some resistance bands if you have them.

I’m a beginner. Can I do it?

Of course! The workouts are adaptable to every level: YOU make it more or less challenging to suit your level by using heavier or lighter weights, and for the toughest exercises, you will always be given some beginner-friendly options.

How do I access the videos?

Once your payment is processed, it will unlock the Member Area page, which is where you will have all the information you need to get started. This is also where the videos will be uploaded on June 1st!

How long are the workouts and how often?

The workouts last between 15 (abs, upper body) and 30 minutes (glutes, full body) maximum to make it manageable for you, so you won't have to spend hours working out! There are 5 workouts per week, and below you can see the workout schedule:


Lean Peach (cardio-based booty workout) - 30 min


Upper body & HIIT - 18 min


Perky Peach (tone & sculpt your booty) - 30 min


Abs - 15 min


Lean Peach (cardio-based booty workout) - 30 min


Can I do the challenge if I don’t want to lose weight but just tone my body?

Definitely! In that case, you should make sure that your diet is not in a caloric deficit. You should also make sure that the weight you're using is challenging enough for you to maximize your results.

Do you still have questions?