My Lean Peach Program

Workout schedule

This plan has 3 booty-focused workouts per week, which must be completed. It includes two Lean Peach workouts and one Perky Peach workout per week.

For the other days, you should do the abs, upper body and cardio workouts.


You can choose these videos from the workout library section in the "My account" page.

You will soon be able to download your recommended 3, 4 or 5 day split workout planning in the "My account" page to suit your lifestyle and schedule :)

How to get results

1. Challenge yourself

You have to use challenging weights. The workouts shouldn't feel easy to complete - if they do, it means that you need to increase the weights you're using!

2. Commit to this program

To see optimum results, you need to complete the 3 weekly booty-focused workouts, during the 8 weeks.

3. Healthy diet

No workout plan can be fully effective without a healthy, appropriate diet :)

If you need help with this, you can upgrade to the yearly subscription to get a customized meal plan.

Stay motivated

1. Take your 'before' picture

This a really important step as it will help you track your progress throughout the program and see how far you've come!

2. Write down your WHY

Why did you join this program? Writing this down will help you keep your goal at the front of your mind

3. Be part of our Community

Make sure to join our Facebook group: we're all there to support and help one another!

 Use #peachlab and tag me @zoehappyfit and @peachlabgym in your stories so our community members can see your posts, and so I can repost you in my stories too!


The first phase of your Lean Peach program is an 8-week plan

The next phase will start on the

1st of June

What to do after the 8 weeks?

If you've completed the 8 weeks before the 1st of June, you have 2 options:


You can start again from Week 1 and keep going until the 1st of June.

In that case, try to increase the weight you're using!


You can move on to the Perky Peach program and start from Week 1, until the 1st of June.